Data Management

At PS Mailing, we regularly build and manage data for our clients and ensure they are accurate and up to date. We can help build a bespoke data base for ongoing direct mail or market research campaigns, or if you need a one-off project specific solution we can also help with that.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We often help clients with ongoing campaigns which require us to oversee their database and regularly record and update it using our CRM system. Capturing the information generated by any campaign is an important part of the complete mailing and fulfilment service that we offer.


For example:

  • capturing a name and address and product preference from a coupon or reply card

  • logging a respondent number as part of a research project before sending either a reminder or an incentive payment

  • generating a report of the views expressed in a questionnaire from the responses returned to us

With PS Mailing, you can have peace of mind that your data base is accurate and regularly audited and we will tailor our services to maximise the results of your campaign. Addresses for example, are verified against the Postal Address File (PAF) as we go.

We use Microsoft Access to build and manage our customer’s databases in-house and have found this to be a powerful source to reference, analyse and produce reports on large volumes of data, thus giving us the information to make decisions on marketing and advertising campaigns. 

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Case Studies

Find out how we help local charity Hopes and Homes for Children with their ongoing direct mail requirements

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