How many letters do I need to post before I start saving money on postage?

The largest savings, of up to 30%, will come by using mailsort if you have 4000 letters to post and are sure that over 90% of your address list has proper postcodes.  The mailsort threshold for large letters and packets is 1,000.

Cleanmail offers savings if you are posting more than 1,000 letters at a time and can produce machine readable mail. 

We can also offer volume related discount on standard tariff mail, cheaper air mail or we might use a postal operator other than Royal Mail if that secures the best value for money.

What is the difference between a C4 and a C5 envelope?

A C4 envelope will take a flat A4 sheet without folding. A C5 envelope takes an A4 sheet that has been folded once. When it comes to posting a C4 envelope fits the large letter format and a C5 envelope fits the letter format, unless with contents it is more than 5mm thick.

Does it matter whether my envelope is a pocket or a wallet?

A pocket opens at the side and a wallet opens at the top. This is important because it has a bearing on how the envelope would be used. A wallet would be used for mail filled by machine.  Choosing the correct envelope is a crucial part of the specification of any mailing and is always something that we are happy to help you with.

Is there anything that I can't post?

There is a list of "Prohibited Goods" which can't be sent and a list of "Restricted Goods" that can only be sent subject to certain packaging requirements.

Prohibited goods include aerosols, some alcoholic liquids, batteries and flammable products. Restricted goods include items as diverse as christmas crackers, living creatures, perishables and some perfume. If in any doubt advice is available from the Royal Mail Customer Service Centre on 08457 740740.

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