Our Top 10 Reasons to use Direct Mail

With the plethora of different marketing channels available to businesses as we come out of lockdown and look to ramp up our marketing activity, it can be all too easy to focus on the digital platforms and ignore more traditional media. If your business does this, you could be in danger of missing an incredibly effective channel in your marketing mix – direct mail.

Adding direct mail into your marketing plan can be a unique way to reach your audience and grab their attention, especially when used as part of a targeted campaign with quality and accurate data.

For instance, did you know that direct mail is perceived as a more trusted and personal form of marketing compared to a channel such as email marketing; which can be seen to be quick and informal? Recipients of direct mail are also far more likely to keep a mailer if they think it could be useful, in-fact, the average life span of a piece of direct mail is 17 days, whereas an email’s average lifespan is 2 seconds.

So, if you are exploring whether direct mail is right for you, here are our top 10 reasons why it could be an effective marketing channel for you.

1. Direct mail helps you stand out from the crowd

In today’s digitally driven world, direct mail as a marketing channel has become less common and this in itself is a strength. Because recipients are receiving lower quantities of mail, when they do receive something, it stands out, helping give you a competitive edge.

2. Direct mail shows your customers that you value them

Recipients of direct mail claim that receiving communications using this medium makes them feel more valued and creates a more genuine relationship between the brand and consumer. Mailers can also contain personalised information, using your customer database to pull out unique fields, as well as sending targeted communications that you’re confident will be of interest to them, based on their individual needs, interests or previous buying habits.

3. Direct mail has a higher ROI compared to online advertising

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail has a median ROI of 29%, compared to paid search; which had an ROI of 23%, and online display advertising; which had an ROI of 16%. Social media was only ahead by 1% (30% ROI) [Source: neilpatel.com]. With direct mail, you can also benefit from bulk postage savings and even better, using a mail house to sort, pack and distribute your mail will save you time and money compared to doing it yourself.

4. Direct mail increases online traffic & leads

According to research carried out by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 79% of consumers who receive direct mail act immediately, such as visiting a website or making a phone call, compared to 45% who act on email straight away. This is often due to offers, promotions or free samples that are perceived as being more authentic or exclusive than those digitally delivered.

5. Direct mail increases brand awareness

Direct mail is considered to be a trusted channel. With so much noise coming from brands trying to grab your attention through digital channels, a strong and engaging mailer is more likely to be remembered and valued, enabling you to build and showcase your brand through increased awareness.

6. Direct mail integrates well with other marketing channels

Direct mail marketing is particularly effective when combined with other marketing channels. For example, a follow up from an email campaign or an online advert that promotes a new product, promotion or service. Using the data you have obtained from individuals who have responded to or opened an email, or signed up to your online service off the back of an online advert, means the recipient has already expressed an interest in your offering and are already far more invested in your brand. Royal Mail research found that when mail was included in the marketing mix, total communications ROI increased by 12%.

7. You can up-sell or cross-sell using direct mail

Direct mail can be an effective way of up-selling or cross-selling other products or services to existing customers. A customer who has purchased once from you before, is 27% more likely to buy or use your service again if they had a good experience. After the second and third purchase the likelihood of them returning increases to 54%.

8. Direct mail maintains and increases customer loyalty

Direct mail is an effective channel for reaching out to existing customers and sending them exclusive offers and promotions for being a loyal customer.

9. Bigger response rates with direct mail

According to the DMA, the response rate of direct mail on average is 4.4%, compared to an average email response rate of 0.12%. As a result, direct mail offers a reliable return on investment and can be particularly useful in campaigns that require feedback or action, such as sign-ups, market research and surveys or product testing and feedback.

10. A range of formats using direct mail

Direct mail is an incredibly flexible form of communication. Mailers can be sent in a variety of formats, from postcards and leaflets, to catalogues and magazines, with lots of options in between. Based on your budget, direct mail can be a great value, diverse and cost-effective communication tool. On top of this, the medium can also be used to send product samples, gifts or larger physical items. You can be as creative as you wish in the design and packaging of your mailer, tailoring it to grab your audience’s attention in a manner not possible to digital platforms.

So, if you thought direct mail was old hat and not worthy of inclusion in your marketing mix, think again. In this post-lockdown world, the medium is more relevant than ever. Done well, and managed by an experienced mail fulfilment partner, direct marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing armoury. So if you’re looking for that competitive edge to drive more business, increase leads and engage your audiences, direct mail is a must have in your marketing mix.

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