When using PS Mailing for your direct mail, you can rest assured that we will find the most cost effective solution for your project.

We have access to a number of postal solutions including Mailsort, first class, second class, flatsort, presstream, cleanmail, packetpost and more.

Cost Saving Opportunities

You may also be applicable to additional postal discounts depending on the quality of your data and the presentation of your mail such as organisation by postcode and address. If your data is missing this information and there is an opportunity to save you money, then we can help fill in the gaps.

Address verification is an important part of what we do as we want to make sure that the savings you make from improving your database apply time and time again.

We use a range of services that enable access to discounts for overseas mail in addition to those that apply for UK post. We also receive mail back from both the UK and overseas and can handle response fulfilment if that is part of your campaign.

Current Mail Formats

The pricing of your direct mail depends on the size and weight of what you want to send.


Here is a guideline of the current mail formats as provided by Royal Mail:

Letter- Max size: 240mm x 165mm x 5mm. Max weight: 100g

Large Letter - Max size: 250mm x 353mm x 25mm. Max weight: 750g

Packet -  any item bigger than a large letter

Most letters, bills, statements, postcards and greetings cards will fall within the letter format as will some brochures and catalogues.

Letters containing unfolded A4 paper, larger brochures, catalogues and company reports will be included under the large letter format.

Larger items such as books and items sent in postal tubes or boxes will be counted as packets.

PS Mailing can help you find the most cost effective route for your mail. We have access to discounted services that enable us to pass on significant postage discounts whatever shape your mail comes in.

Find out more about how you can save time and money on your mailing activity, call us on 01935 810050.


Case Studies

Find out how we help local charity Hopes and Homes for Children with their ongoing direct mail requirements

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